KRONIS 258 Fingersaves [6-11]



[estimated shipping date sept 1]
Introducing the Revolutionary KRONIS 258 All Black Fingersaves Goalkeeper Gloves

Discover the future of goalkeeper gloves with the KRONIS 258 All Black Fingersaves model. Engineered for precision, comfort, and unbeatable grip, these gloves are a game-changer for goalkeepers at all levels.

The KRONIS 258 boasts a cutting-edge hybrid cut design, blending the best of flat and negative fingers. Featuring two flat/gecko fingers and two negative-cut fingers, this hybrid approach ensures optimal ball control without the need for internal silicone. The wrap-around cut on the thumb expands the catching surface, enhancing your grip even further.

Finger Protection:
Elevate your game with the highest level of finger protection. The KRONIS 258 is equipped with a professional-grade line of finger saves that deliver pro-level comfort, flexibility, and durability. Feel confident on the field knowing your fingers are shielded without compromising your performance.

The 4 mm Kronis Contact grip palm technology enhances friction between the ball and glove, resulting in an exceptional grip in both wet and dry conditions. Dominate every play with unmatched confidence in your control.

Experience the ultimate wrist protection and support with the one-piece wrist and body design. This innovative construction provides enhanced coverage to your wrist area. The integration of the backhand and strap creates a twisting mechanism that ensures a secure and comfortable fit. Reinforcing this with a double strap adds an extra layer of wrist protection, offering peace of mind as you dive and deflect.


4mm Contact grip palm
Hybrid cut for superior ball control
Blended material backhand for durability
One-piece double strap for secure fit
Pro-level finger saves for optimal protection

Experience the revolution in goalkeeper gloves with the KRONIS 258 All Black Fingersaves. Elevate your performance and command the game with every save. Your journey to excellence starts here.