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KRONIS ACADEMY Reg. Price $91.95 vs Black Friday

$60.00 / On Sale


Cut - The glove features a reverse Gecko cut which provides a comfortable fit for all sizes and a large contact area to the ball. Designed to mimic the shape of the fingers of the lizard who are renowned for climbing. The design actually gives you an expanded fingertip which increases the contact area of the fingertip. Combined with a tipped wrapping that will unite the fingers, the palm, and the backhand.

Palm - Featuring Kronis contact Palm designed to give the best gripping of the ball and maximizing ball control in all situations.

Wrist - Kronis latex pull-loop fastening ensures the gloves are easy to put on and remove.

Features included:
-Internal silicone
-Contact palm
-Hybrid Finger Cut
-Wrap around cut
-Full latex strap
-Compression protection backhand
-elongated palm
-Silicone backhand