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Kronis AMAVI Black

Cut - The KRONIS AMAVI is created with a shotgun cut; a hybrid between negative and roll-finger. It contains 2 neg-rolled fingers and 2 negative cut. The shotgun cut ensures that you have the highest possible level of comfort when controlling the ball. This was developed to remove any sliding inside the glove without needing internal silicone. The Thumb is a wrap-around cut that provides a larger surface of contact when catching.

Palm - The palm is made from 4 mm Kronis Contact grip, that with its stickiness increases the friction between ball and glove. This ensures a better grip on the ball, in wet and dry conditions

Wrist - The wrist and body are made of one piece. This ensures you have more protection on your wrist. Because the backhand and the strap is one piece, it creates a twisting mechanism that gives you the tightness needed to perform.

Features included:
- 4mm Contact grip,
-Shot gun hybrid cut
-Blended material backhand
-One-piece strap