KRONIS Injury Prevention Tights Youth and Adult



Professional Performance
These Padded goalkeeper pants from Kronis are designed for high-performance playing in all weather conditions. They are 90% polyester and 10% spandex to maximize durability while offering a tight, comfortable fit. The elastic waistband helps keep the pants secure and in place in every situation. Meanwhile, the padding on the hips, lower back, and knees minimize injury during tough saves and big plays.

A Size for Every Player
Kronis has paid close attention to its sizing to ensure players of all shapes and weight classes get the protection and support they need. Sizes range from JR – Large and offer just the right amount of compression to protect hardworking muscles.

Machine Wash Safe
Our Kronis padded goalkeeper pants feature extra padding right where you need it. Make game-winning dives and dips with confidence while remaining cool and dry in any weather conditions. The form-fitting design helps you feel every muscle fiber as you move while providing you with a look that tells your opponents you’re serious about winning.

Each pair of our Kronis padded goalkeeper pants is 100% machine wash safe, so you can get a fresh-looking pair after every game. No more smelly gym bags full of unwashable sportswear!

· JR - 4’10 – 5’1

· X-Small – 5’2 – 5’5

· Small - 5’6 – 5’8

· Medium - 5’9 – 6’

· Large – 6’1 – 6’4