Kronis KAGE Blue/Yellow

Cut - The KAGE features a negative flat cut. This combination creates an air-sealed mechanism that tightens when the fingers enter. This was developed to remove any sliding inside the glove. The Thumb is a wrap-around cut which provides a larger surface of contact when catching.

Palm - Featuring Kronis Contact latex which gives you the highest grip available. The inside of the palm is covered with anti-slip silicone. The anti-slip silicone inside the glove will prevent it from sliding around. The palm is then completed with a V shape extended palm.

Backhand - The wrist is one piece with the KAGE backhand. Because of the KAGE being strapless, the material used is created to stretch and return to its natural size. This material is used by Portuguese scuba divers.

Features included:
- Contact Latex
- NegFlat cut
-Wrap around cut
-Blended material backhand
-Anti-slip silicone