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KRONIS LUXOR Size 6 - 11


Kronis Luxor Wrap Over Cut White

Cut - The glove features negative cut fingers which provide a comfortable snug fit on the two middle fingers. The wrap-over cut gives a close fit for greater comfort. The index finger and small finger have a medial curve which gives a wider separation between the finger and a proper catching position.

Palm - Featuring a supreme mega grip, designed to give the best handling between the glove and the ball in all conditions.

Back Hand- The glove features a reinforced 4 mm full latex backhand. With a separate thumb for better stability and mobility.

Wrist - Kronis latex pull-loop fastening ensures the gloves are easy to put on and remove. The wrist bandage and a full-length wristband provide a secure fit.

Features included:
-4mm SMG
-Negative/Wrap Over Cut
-Outside Fingers and Thumb Wrapped
-Full latex backhand
-Popcon Material
-Embossed backhand