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KRONIS NEXT Camp (For Goalkeepers with the desire to compete @High School/NCAA/Pro levels)


Kronis Academy Residential Camp JULY 19/20/21/22/23/24

We created Kronis Academy where goalkeeper development is based on data and facts. Where coaches make no assumptions and where our ultimate goal at any cost is to develop a more humane, unity and equality.

ERIEBANK Sports Park
8159 Oliver Rd, Erie, PA 16509

Payment Plan
Non-Refundable Deposit - Winter Holiday Sale price $350 (Regular price $500)
Acceptance Deposit (Due April 31) - $450

Total Cost $800
*Includes - Room and board, daily laundry, KRONIS Academy gear
*Transportation is not included
*Total Cost $950 after Winter Holiday Sale


July 19
Check-in/document collection 11am
Lunch 12pm
Introduction meeting 2pm
Technical Training 3pm
Dinner 5:30pm
Lecture - Game Management 7pm

July 20/21/22/23
Activation Training 6am
Breakfast 7am
Threshold Training 8am
Lunch 12pm
Recovery 1pm
Threshold Training 3pm
Dinner 5:30pm
Lecture - Game Tactics 7pm

July 24
Activation Training 6am
Breakfast 7am
2021 Signature Training 8am
Lunch 12pm
Check-out 12:30pm

Performance Environment
Kronis NEXT camp aims to inspire and encourage talented youth athletes to standout on and off the pitch. It is impossible to explain in words the value of having young keepers from all over the country to compete, compare, and push each other up in order to establish needed confidence to challenge the unpredictable obstacles during the most important developmental years. In partnership with United States Soccer Federation our second to none Staff will consist of:
-Active United States Soccer Federation A-License Coach
-Active Academy Director Of Coaching
-Active Olympic Development Program National Coach
-Active US Youth National Team Scout/Coach
-Former Professional Goalkeeper
-Active NCAA Coach

What you can expect from KronisAcademy

-Pennsylvania Academy natural grass fields
-Recovery Ice Tub
-Max 1/6 Coach/Player ratio
-Guest Speaker - Topic Student Athlete Lifestyle

What KronisAcademy expect from Goalkeepers
-Unity and Equality
-Mental Toughness
-Endless Effort
-Trust the process