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KRONIS PRIZM Official Match Ball


Demand perfection on the field with the all-new KRONIS PRISM ball. KRONIS PRISM knows no borders and is a symbol of unity. The bright and diverse colors show how we are all different yet can be combined together to create something special. KRONIS PRIZM has 3-D printed texture to provide optimal touch and feel in all conditions. The abrasion-resistant PU upper material has additional foam lamination for a better flight.
This ball will be used in All KRONIS ACADEMIES across the UNITED States.

All Climate Performance will give you control over the ball in any weather.

COVER: Classic-panel design to ensure shape and design endurance.
Hand stitching will withstand high-level play and repetitive training.

BLADDER: latex wrapped in cloth to maintain air pressure.

MATERIAL: 50% Synthetic Leather, 20% Rubber, 20% Polyester. 10% cotton

Note: All of our balls are shipped deflated. This helps in keeping our shipping costs low, savings that we can pass on to you.