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KRONIS PRO Camp (Pro/NCAA Goalkeepers)


Kronis Academy Residential Camp JULY 5/6/7/8/9/10

We created Kronis Academy where goalkeeper development is based on data and facts. Where coaches make no assumptions and where our ultimate goal at any cost is to develop a more humane, unity and equality.

ERIEBANK Sports Park
8159 Oliver Rd, Erie, PA 16509

Payment Plan
Non-Refundable Deposit - Winter Holiday Sale price $350 (Regular price $500)
Acceptance Deposit (Due April 31) - $450

Total Cost $800
*Includes - Room and board, daily laundry, KRONIS Academy gear
*Transportation is not included
*Total Cost $950 after Winter Holiday Sale


July 5
Check-in/document collection 11am
Lunch 12pm
Introduction meeting 2pm
Technical Training 3pm
Dinner 5:30pm
Daily Recap 7pm

July 6/7/8/9
Activation Training 6am
Breakfast 7am
Threshold Training 8am
Lunch 12pm
Recovery 1pm
Threshold Training 3pm
Dinner 5:30pm
Recovery 7pm
Daily Recap 8pm

July 10
Activation Training 6am
Breakfast 7am
2021 Signature Training 8am
Lunch 12pm
Check-out 12:30pm

Performance Environment
Kronis Pro camp is globally known for its unique and invite only environment. Our highly educated and nationally recognized coaching staff is committed and dedicated to execute a preseason established program which proved to maximize the potential development benefits of each and every Professional/NCAA Goalkeeper.

What you can expect from KronisAcademy

-Pennsylvania Academy natural grass fields
-Recovery Ice Tub
-Max ⅕ Coach/Player ratio
-Academy FiFa official match balls

What KronisAcademy expect from PRO/NCAA Goalkeepers
-Unity and Equality
-Mental Toughness
-Endless Effort
-Professional/NCAA Commitment