SNZO Optimal Control [Size 6 - 11]



Introducing the Kronis SNZO Goalkeeper Gloves in Berry/White, where innovation meets performance.

Cutting-Edge Hybrid Design

The SNZO gloves feature a cutting-edge hybrid cut, combining elements of negative and reverse negative cuts. The two middle fingers are skillfully crafted with high-performance elastic stitching, creating a negative cut for enhanced control and precision. The outer fingers are seamlessly connected to the backhand, resulting in an air-sealed mechanism that tightens as your fingers enter. This innovative design eliminates sliding inside the glove, ensuring a secure fit. Additionally, the thumb boasts a wrap-around cut, providing a larger surface area for improved catching ability.

Optimal Grip and Control

Experience exceptional grip with the Kronis 2mm latex palm, developed in-house for superior performance. This specially designed latex does not retain excess water, preventing expansion and maintaining optimal grip. The SNZO latex provides the highest level of grip achievable for 2mm latex, allowing you to confidently handle the ball in all conditions.

Secure and Dynamic Wrist Support

The SNZO gloves feature a one-piece wrist design seamlessly integrated with the Kronis SNZO backhand. This unique construction creates a twisting mechanism, delivering the perfect balance of tightness and flexibility. With this secure wrist support, you can perform at your best without compromising on comfort.

Impressive Features for Enhanced Performance

The Kronis SNZO Goalkeeper Gloves are equipped with the following features:

2mm Kronis latex palm for superior grip and control
NEG hybrid cut for enhanced precision and fit
Blended material backhand for durability and flexibility
One-piece glove design for a secure and streamlined fit

Elevate your goalkeeping skills with the Kronis SNZO Goalkeeper Gloves. With their advanced design and exceptional features, these gloves are crafted to provide the perfect balance of grip, comfort, and performance. Dominate the field with confidence and make those game-winning saves.