KRONIS ZYFER Size 7-11 Triple white

Image of KRONIS ZYFER Size 7-11 Triple white

Kronis Zyfer Negative Gecko Cut Triple White

Cut - The glove features a reverse Gecko cut which provides a comfortable fit for all sizes and a large contact area to the ball. Designed to mimic the shape of the fingers of the lizard who are renowned for climbing. The design actually gives you an expanded fingertip which increases the contact area of the fingertip.

Palm - Featuring a supreme mega grip, designed to give the best handling between the glove and the ball in all conditions.

Wrist - The Kronis Zyfer contain a double wrap elastic strap. For those keepers who need the flexibility of determining the tightness of their strap.

Features included:
-4mm SMG Latex
-Gecko cut (negative)
-Palm Wrapped
-Middle Fingers are thin and long
-Latex Gussets
-Full latex backhand
-Embossed backhand
-Double Wrap Elastic strap