AXIOS [Size 10 - 11]


Image of AXIOS [Size 10 - 11] Image of AXIOS [Size 10 - 11] Image of AXIOS [Size 10 - 11] Image of AXIOS [Size 10 - 11]

KRONIS AXIOS (infrared/yellow)

Cut - The Axios features our most unique cut ever produced. It is composed of a wrapped/rolled/tipped cut. The two middle fingers are fully rolled finger, while the outer fingers wrap around the glove. Thus giving it a inward curve of the glove to give the goalkeeper a pre curved mold. This combination with the tipped fingers gives the goalkeeper one of the most secure cuts ever produced. The thumb is a wrap-around cut which provides a larger surface of contact when catching.

Palm - Featuring Kronis 4mm GIGA latex. GIGA latex gives you one of the softest latex available on the market. Giving you a long range of grip durability.

Wrist -The wrist strap is a single latex loop with the center of the latex having a larger face. This giving the wrist a bigger support to help with hyperextension of the wrist when dealing with strong shots.

Features included:
-Blended material backhand
-One-piece strap
-3D Punching zone
-Embossed backhand
-Gel KRONIS Logo