SNZO NON GRIP [Size 6-11]



Unlock Your Potential with the SNZO Training Glove

Experience the transformative power of the SNZO Training Glove, designed to elevate your goalkeeping skills and maximize your performance.

Save More, Achieve More

By choosing the SNZO Training Glove, you not only invest in your development as a goalkeeper but also save money in the long run. These gloves are built to last, offering exceptional durability. The more you train with the SNZO, the fewer gloves you'll need, saving you valuable resources.


• Accelerate your technical development, improving your handling skills
• Enhance ball sensitivity and practice applying the right amount of pressure for secure ball control
• Improve force absorption and grip strength
• Boost your confidence by overcoming adversity, such as fear of dropping the ball or fear of the ball itself
• Enhance your decision-making abilities on the field
• Reduce the risk of injuries through heightened sensitivity, improved timing, technique, and focus

Psychological Benefits

Wearing the SNZO Training Glove during basic drills amplifies the stress and anxiety levels of goalkeepers. It challenges them mentally, even during simple exercises, pushing them into the psychological growth zone. The anti-grip palm intensifies the consequences of poor technique, making even minor errors more impactful. These inevitable mistakes provide keepers with the opportunity to develop resilience by practicing recovery from errors, overcoming adversity, and mastering challenges.

Unleash your potential and experience remarkable growth with the SNZO Training Glove. Embrace the psychological and technical benefits it offers, and watch your skills soar to new heights.

Psychophysical Benefits

Thinner materials on the glove enhance sensitivity and kinetic awareness. This means keepers will know, with greater accuracy, where the ball is in relation to the ideal catching position. Heightened sensory processing enables better approximations which makes you more efficient at saving / holding the ball. Force absorption & grip strength, protection from injury. The lack of grip / padding on these gloves teaches you to properly absorb force, thereby reducing injury risk. A common issue with younger keepers is the fear of the ball. By wearing these gloves, you are exposing keepers to a worst-case scenario – no grip!

If used in a progressive overload manner, this can teach them to control the ball properly and trust in their hands.

Glove Characteristics

• Heat / cold retention
• Good elasticity
• Abrasion / tear resistance
• Compression protection

Glove Care

• Launder with care
• Use fresh water
• Don’t use a washer or dryer
• Scrub by hand and then ring dry
• Hang to dry indoors or on a flat surface