ZYFER Exceptional Comfort [7-10]



Introducing the KRONIS ZYFER.

Experience unparalleled comfort without compromise with the KRONIS ZYFER goalkeeper gloves. Crafted to provide the utmost comfort, flexibility, and grip, the ZYFER redefines excellence in glove design.

The ZYFER introduces our most innovative cut yet – the HYBRID Expansion Cut. This unique cut envelops the hand from all axis points, delivering unprecedented comfort and flexibility that perfectly conforms to the hand's contours. Elevate your performance with a glove that becomes an extension of your skill.

The ZYFER features the Kronis 4mm GIGA latex on the palm, boasting one of the softest latex materials available in the market. This advanced latex technology not only provides an incredibly soft touch but also offers extended grip durability for consistent performance.

Engineered with precision, the wrist strap is a single latex loop with a strategically designed center that offers substantial support. This added support plays a vital role in preventing wrist hyperextension, particularly when dealing with powerful shots.


4mm GIGA LATEX for exceptional grip and durability
HYBRID Expansion cut for supreme comfort and flexibility
Blended material backhand for enhanced durability
One-piece strap design for secure fit
3D Punching zone for improved ball control
Embossed backhand for added style and texture

The KRONIS ZYFER is your gateway to ultimate comfort and performance on the field. Elevate your game with gloves that prioritize your comfort while delivering unparalleled grip and flexibility. Discover a new level of play with the ZYFER – where comfort meets excellence.